About this website

Created by @Kbh.study on instagram, this website will be used as a hub for some free Leaving Cert notes, for 5th and 6th years to use as an extra resource, as opposed to paying scabby cunts on the internet for their shitty notes. You won't get 625 points from paying some prick online for a bunch of fancy colourful notes, the only way to do well in the leaving cert is to constantly do Active Recall with stuff like flashcards and past papers. Reading over someone else's notes won't help you. This site will simply serve as a place for you to find definitions/explanations/answers that you can then re-use for making flashcards, or for practising past-paper questions. Don't think that simply reading some notes will prepare you for your exams. Use websites like Anki and Quizlet for flashcards n stuff. do past paper questions everyday and don't even bother taking notes- notetaking doesn't count as studying. Active Recall is the only way to learn efficiently.

this website is still in the very early stages of development, and will hopefully be completed in time for start of the 2022/2023 academic year.

yes i know this website is ugly but i only know basic html stuff so deal with it lol :P

please come back in Summer 2022 to see the website in a ehhh more completed state. Make sure to study everyday!!